Trigger Webhook for Notifications

Currently the Seafile server is able to send emails for various events. As stated in the configuration manual:

There are currently five types of emails sent in Seafile:

  • User reset his/her password
  • System admin add new member
  • System admin reset user password
  • User send file/folder share link and upload link
  • [pro] Reminder of unread notifications

Especially in an environment with many users working in parallel on shared libraries, email notifications for file updates have proven invaluable. Even better, however, would be the possibility to send notifications not only via email, but integrate external services like Slack or Mattermost via Webhook.

Please implement a way to trigger one or multiple webhooks for notifications.

Hi Lasse,

I like your feature request. Webhook support would be a nice feat.

Realizing that this is not an answer to your feature request, let me add this: Have you had a look at SeaTable, Seafile’s “sister product”? Depending on what you are looking for, SeaTable may be a nice alternative. And, this is why I mention it, SeaTable has a builtin notification function (which is more comprehensive than that in Seafile), you can use Zapier to interact with slack or mattermost and, if the first two options are not enough, you can build your own automations with SeaTable scripts.