Two-factor authentication text string? (I only see the QR code)

When trying to activate 2FA in Seahub, only the QR code appears. Is there a way to also get the code as a text string? It’s useful to write it down and store safely as a backup.

I’m not sure what happens when you scan the code with some QR app. Maybe it can show the code?

My 2FA app of choice doesn’t show the code in text format. Although other apps may actually show it, the point is it’d be much more practical if Seahub offered the feature.

Would the development team kindly consider adding it?

I agree. I just proposed that you can try to use a simple QR code reader app to get the code.

It’s work with Google Authenticator app, so it should contain OTP URI formated text.


Param secret is what you looking for. Then digits and period is important for your app. And yes it should by written under QR code for manual registration.

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This is what recovery codes are for (seafile can provide you with those iirc). You’re not supposed to have the secret in more than one device.

Thanks for all the answers.

@shoeper Indeed, the alternative you proposed seems like the only way to achieve what I asked (at least for now).

@holantomas How do I obtain that kind of URL?

@fakuivan It’s useful to have an offline, safely-stored backup copy of the code.

With a QR code reader.