Ubuntu 20.04 and Seafile 9.0.4 installation - issues with MYSQL

Dear Seafile Team

Is it possible that Ubuntu 20.04 has certain issues with mysql installation and the way how the seafile installation routine addresses it?

It seems there is an issue how the seafile mysql user has to identify to the mysql database.
This also shows during the installation.

(see also: Closed - Pip install pylibmc - doesn't work - #2 by GITchristoph)

Is there something you can recommend to do when installaing seafile on an Ubuntu 20.04.
Because at the moment this doesn’t seem to work.

Dear Seafile Forum

is there really no one else running into MYSQL issues during install of seafile?

Maybe you could point out what your exact issue is. There are dozens of tutorials on the internet where Seafile is setup with MySQL/MariaDB on Ubuntu 20.04 and I can’t remember any general issues. So more details would be helpful: Error messages, logs, etc.

The issue is on my side that when I do a fresh install of seafile on a fresh install of Ubuntu, that the MYSQL installation via PIP creates errors.
That’s the link I posted in my first thread.

The next issue is that if I run the ./setup-seafile-mysql.sh, that I get an error message that the admin account can;t be created.

I did a lot of digging around now.

It’s stated in the manual, that seafile uses the mysql_native_password plugin for authentication. Clear.
But this is not the setting on mysql fresh install anymore.

So I change the mysql root user to login with mysql_native_password, as per seafile manual.

When I then install seafile with ./setup-seafile-mysql.sh, then the script creates a mysql seafile user.Tthat seafile user is created with “caching_sha2_password” login method though, not with " mysql_native_password".

There is the error message during the seafile install, that an admin user can’t be created.

So one has to change the login method in mysql for the created seafile user to mysql_native_password.

Then run the ./setup-seafile-mysql.sh again and it runs through and creates the admin user.

I wonder if it could be included in the install script, that the seafile user in mysql gets created with gets mysql_native_password.

I think that would solve the “certain issues” I mention in my first post above.

The pip errors you got, are not really related to Seafile or MySQL. The GNU C compiler was simply missing that was needed by pylibmc to compile some C code during installation.
With MySQL 8 the default authentication has been changed from mysql_native_password to caching_sha2_password (https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/8.0/en/caching-sha2-pluggable-authentication.html). That’s why it is mentioned at the beginning of the tutorial. I don’t know how much work has to be invested to implement this into the installation script.

Yes, that’s what i summarised as well.

So I wondered that I am the only one who seems to have had issues with this during installation.

I can imagine that people with less experience will fail to install Seafile Server on Ubuntu 20.04.