Ubuntu 22.04 and WebDav

After upgrading to Ubuntu 22.04 I do have login issues with WebDav.

In general Seafile 9.0.6 seems to run but seafdav.log was complaining about a missing module “Crypto” first. Not sure, which one was missing I did a pip install of Crypto (didn’t change the error message) and later PyCrypto.

Missing module is no longer reported but I still can’t login to Webdav because of this:

2022-07-07 09:48:17.712 - <140586440980032> wsgidav.dc.domain_controller WARNING : Failed to login: PY_SSIZE_T_CLEAN macro must be defined for '#' formats

Google says it is caused by Python 3.10+ so I thought SF 9.0.6 would fix it (see Changelog) but it didn’t.

Any advice? Would hate to fall back to 20.04 again …

This one helped! Thanks to all the clever guys in the other thread.