Unable to install Seafile on Ubuntu 22 with Nginx

I am trying to install Seafile on Ubuntu 22 but after entering admin credentials, seahub fails to start with nothing written in seahub.log

And the port is not already running

Any update on this? I am having the exact same issue, except mine is not starting and referencing a seafevents.db file which isn’t there because I don’t have the pro version.

No update, the issue is still occurring.

I know I’m having issues, but ill see if I can help.

How have you installed the application? Docker image or manual/automated installation?

The python script

Hey Derbo,

I’m going to attempt to install it on a CentOS installation from within my Virtual Environment.

I’ll give you a heads up by 5pm (UK) to let you know how it goes!

Hi Derbo,

I have had confirmation from Daniel that the script is all working now, I have just re-run the script and this is working for me, please use the following steps to install this on your own virtual machine/Linux instance:

  • Login to Linux Server
  • type “sudo su root” (if you don’t have root setup yet then do sudo passwd root and set one)
  • Once logged into root please type “cd /root”
    (Anything from here are just going to be commands)
  • wget RAW GITHUB SCRIPT (I am unable to put links here)
    (you will need to replace the " (.) " with just a “.” for the link to work
  • bash seafile-11.0_ubuntu 11.0.1

Now that the script has ran, open a web browser and go to the IP address of the server/computer.

If you have any issues with this, please let me know and I would be happy to assist!

My email is: mitchw@kwgroup.uk

(Please note, I am in no way associated to Seafile - I am just looking to help the community!)