Unable to upload to seafile (docker) private

I’m trying to upload some file to my seafile server, but I’m getting an network error when doing so.
Running it in a docker container:
8436f01f6792 seafileltd/seafile:latest "/sbin/my_init -- /s…" 24 minutes ago Up 7 minutes>80/tcp seafile


port = 8082

type = mysql
host =
port = 3306
user = seafile
password = bac4a3af-a26f-4ded-b7fb-85ad16c6832f
db_name = seafile_db
connection_charset = utf8


USER_NAME = seafile
ID = 1a573ce26d66357f2d0f64518b3f151432787cec
NAME = seafile
SERVICE_URL = http://seafile.example.com:8000

PORT = 13419

ENGINE = mysql
PORT = 3306
USER = seafile
PASSWD = bac4a3af-a26f-4ded-b7fb-85ad16c6832f
DB = ccnet_db

UNIX_SOCKET = /opt/seafile/ccnet.sock

Change the port to 8090 (the external port of your docker container) and reload the container.

If you change the default port (which you did) you must also change the FILE_SERVER_ROOT in the seahub_settings.py to account for the non-default port

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