Ungültiger Maschinenbefehl / invalid machine command

Hi everyone!
Short summary first:
After successful installation, when starting the seafile server from the command line ("./seafile.sh start") I get the error message “Ungültiger Maschinenbefehl” (translates to “invalid machine command”).
Would be cool if anyone could give me a hint on possible reasons / solutions.

I’m trying to run Seafile on my Raspberry Pi 2, using the current version of Raspberry Pi OS. I’m installing the special Seafile edition for Raspberry Pi (version 8.03). The path I’m installing to is located on an external USB drive mounted on boot (I need more space than a regular SD card can provide).
I’m loosely following a seafile installation guide I found on “jankarres dot de” - seems I can’t include the link - sorry about that.
Only I downloaded the tarball to /media/usbdrive/seafile and running setup-seafile.sh after extracting in this directory, so the data directory is placed on the external hard drive.
Everything runs fine up to the point when I try to “seafile.sh start”. This is when I get above mentioned error message.

Thanks a lot in advance for any hints!

Found my mistake. Version 8.03 comes in versions for ARMV7 and ARM64. Raspberry Pi 2 seems to have version ARMV61 (6.1 I guess). Just successfully installed Seafile V6.3.4, which appears to be the last version supporting this ARM version.
If I should be wrong, I would be glad if you would let me know.