Update password in Seadrive/Mac after change

After changing my users password over the web UI, I need to update both, the drive and the sync client. While it is straightforward with the sync client, I did run into trouble with the drive client (3.0.7).
It once popped up a mask with outdated authentication info to update but that didn’t work.
In finder, I see I note saying “seadrive is logged out” or similar but clicking on the logon button dies nothing.
Also reboot didn’t help.
What’s the procedure here?
Thank you!


You have to delete the current account and login again. We’ll improve the procedure for this scenario.

Hello jaeti01,

After updating the password, the SeaDrive client will pop up a warning message, as well as a login dialog if all accounts have been logged out.

Have you seen similar messages?

It didn’t for me. If I remember correctly, I re-installed the drive client and then was able to re-login.
So for now it’s solved, though going forward this needs improvement.