Upgrading from 7.1.7 on Debian buster to 9.0 on whatever?

I still have a pro server 7.1.7 running on some Debian Buster.
What would be some recommended upgrade path to versions 9.0?
Should I / Could I upgrade up to 9.0 on the Debian Buster then upgrade Buster to some newer version?
Or should I best first migrate or upgrade to some other distro, then upgrade from 7.1.7 to 9.0?
I understand I will have to run multiple upgrade steps, carefully to move up from 7.1.7 to 9.0 and I’m ready for that, it just is the OS that worries me. Upgrade it first? Move the whole setup onto a new OS (like Ubuntu 20.04) before upgrade Seafile itself?

I’d love to read some hints on what to do or what NOT to do. Or some pointer to online doc clarifying such an upgrade path.

Thanks a lot for sharing any closely related experience you might have had.


As long as you’re running Debian 10 there is no real reason for upgrading to Debian Bullseye right now.

The list of supported operating systems contains no support for Debian 11 (Bullseye) yet.

I’m currently running Seafile 9.0 on Debian Buster and it works fine.

So with you still being on 7.1 you first have to make the upgrade to 8.0. Do take note that you have to install also some additional libraries.

And when everything works with 8.0 make the Upgrade to 9.0. Also take note there that there are additional libraries to install.

And yes, you can copy&paste the library installation for Ubuntu from there. Works also fine on Debian 10.