Upgrading (not moving to a new server) pro-server 7.1.7 (running on Debian 10.13) to latest?

Seafile Pro 7.1.7 is happily running on Debian 10.13.
I’m clearly much late on upgrades.
What upgrade path should I best follow?

I think I remember that I should first upgrade to the latest 7.x version which is 7.1.22.
Then I would upgrade straight to 8.0.17.
And finish by upgrading straight to 9.0.9.

First thing first, is this progressive upgrade path the right way of proceeding?

Then, I guess at some point (maybe 8.0.17 or probably 9.0.9) Debian 10.13 “Buster” will not be supported anymore. So the OS should be fully upgraded between one these Seafile versions steps.

Where can I find documentation of what Debian system is suitable to 8.0.17 and for 9.0.9?

Thanks !

For now, I have upgraded from 7.1.7 to 8.0.17 without any specific issue.
I will now see to upgrade Debian (with all proper backups and snapshots), before considering the move to 9.0, which apparently will require more work : elastic search, office file preview through docker or OnlyOffice…

Solved up to Debian 11.5 + Seafile pro 8.0.17.
Will see for upgrade to Seafile 9.0 in some days after learning more about new prerequisites.


Great post. Keep it coming. This info is really needed. Many thanks!

Couldn’t wait ‘some days’. After nightly full backup and additional snapshot just before, went through the upgrade from 8.0.17 to 9.0.9 this morning.
All is well. Except that I will see to properly configure elasticsearch and office files interfaces.
But the basic functionality is perfectly OK.
This all in-place upgrade was much easier than expected and it looks like upgrading to Debian 11.5 from 10.13 wasn’t really required, but I prefer it that way, it will give me more time before another major OS upgrade is required again.


Will you be running OnlyOffice? If so, could you document its integration with Seafile? There are outstanding questions about the latest OO ( and Seafile 9. -Thanks

Sure, if I go that way, I’ll document my steps.