Upload Error with ddns

I’dont know waht to do.
Unknow error when upload files only over ddns server.
Simple server installation on windows 7 (service).
Checked all the configs and port on router, all seems ok.
Who can help me ?

One time or always? If it happend just one time, your ip could have changed.

Have you checked the Seahub and Seafile logs? They should give you a better idea of what happened.

Solved, I’ve just changed the 8082 port to another one (and updated router config);
but I don’t know why the standard 8082 port many times don’t work, in the lan (and seacloud server) it seem to be not used but anyone and correctly routed at seacloud server

Most likely, it’s used by other apps. I’ve seen several other apps use port 8082, typically for file transfers. It’s one of the reasons I had to install NGinx in order to sync. If I’m not mistaken, it was because my DVR used port 8082 and there was no way around it.