Upload failed due to a single file

I’m running the latest Windows seafile client (not seadrive) with seafile running on an Ubuntu 18.04 server with Apache as the proxy, every thing works well except an issue i came across the other day.
suddenly I could not sync a library. I keep getting the error “data transfer interrupted , please check network or firewall”
I thought it was down to the number of files, and i started to follow the threads about that.
Nothing worked, then i came up with the idea of a very slow robocopy, and the files started to sync then suddenly stopped.

To cut a long story short. it was down to a single file.
If i set up a new user with 0 files I could stop the sync with that single file. You need to remove the file , sync and then resync to get it to work.

The file is in index.js from the nodejs tool set, I would upload if i could. The file if from node_modules/depd

I tried disabling the AV but this did nothing.

couple of questions , how to I enable debugging so i can get a list of files being worked on rather then their hex ID. just enabling debugging does not work. This way i can see the troublesome files

Also how can this potential bug in the client be fixed.

Many Thanks

I’ve managed to find the code segment which caused the issue
If you create a text file with the content below, copy it to your seafile library , the library will fails to upload (at least in my case). Does this mean sea file is parsing the code ? Could this be an injection flaw?

return relative(basePath, callSite[0]) +
‘:’ + callSite[1] +
‘:’ + callSite[2]
function getStack () {

I tried it, and it works just fine. Maybe your AV blocks the file?

Tested on Seafile Server 6.3.7 and Seafile Client 6.2.5

not AV I thought of that and turned it off.
Where did you get 6.3.7 from I thought the latest was 6.3.4

How can i track this down , I can send in logs, but which ones ?

I’m using the Professional Version, but i dont think that matters.

Right click on your seafile Icon in the tray, there should be an ‘log files’ Option or so. It opens the Client logs folder.

Seafile.log should give us at least some Details what is ging on. It there any suspicious?

I tried to recreate today, and all is ok, most strange I could even replicate on a new library a few days ago, as well as the one that the on with 50K files on and gave issues initially. when i uploaded another 3.5K files.

I will have to have a look. I was really careful with my analysis