Uploaded Avatar not showing on Web Dashboard and Windows Client

Hey There,

I’ve installed Seafile 7.0.2 on my Linux server with MySQL and configured Seahub with NGINX + SSL

Everything seems to work properly but only the uploaded avatar not showing on Web UI or, on any desktop / mobile client. It keeps showing the default avatar image though the settings page shows the uploaded avatar fine. Also the default avatar image loads with non-HTTPS URL which also giving the mixed content issue.

I’m using the community / free edition btw. Can you guys help me to solve this issue?


clearing the temporary files within /tmp/seahub_cache the updated avatar started showing … however, the avatar is still being loaded using non-https URL :disappointed_relieved:

please help me to solve this issue… thanks

I’m having this issue with the avatar causing a mixed ssl content warning on the pro edition 7.0.3 too. Annoying and makes it hard to use this to share files with clients. Can we remove the avatar? I can’t figure out a way to go back to default.