Uploading and Downloading doesn't work after dockerized installation

Hello everyone,

I successfully installed the SeaFile docker following this Thread:

I can also access seafile.domain.tld from outside with the help of my reverse nginx proxy (jwilder). But Uploading/Downloading (seafhttp) doesn’t work. Even when I accessed the page being within the local network of the server (“ssh -D”).
I just get to an error page: “Sorry but the requested page could not be found”.

Meanwhile my seahub.log within the seafile docker throws me those errors:

2019-02-05 00:38:03,515 [WARNING] django.request:152 get_response Not Found: /upload-aj/35c9fc1d-ae33-456a-955a-c34091a8c8ef
2019-02-05 00:55:25,166 [WARNING] django.request:152 get_response Not Found: /files/293565eb-5c0b-4ea0-9f3b-ee84bfa09762/seafile-tutorial.doc
2019-02-05 00:59:43,438 [WARNING] django.request:152 get_response Not Found: /files/b85c7bca-7824-438f-9ae7-4bd7b1823f38/seafile-tutorial.doc
2019-02-05 00:59:50,908 [WARNING] django.request:152 get_response Not Found: /upload-aj/867e628e-7ea5-4f61-a261-832d2f5afdfb

Has somebody occurred the same error and has a solution for me?
Thanks in advance!

Greets Toni

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Did u find a solution for this issue?
I’m currently facing it and can’t find anything online.

In Case anyone is still interested…
I just signed in to answer the question, cause I was in the same situation.

It is more a workaround.
If you set the client not to check the ssl server cert, then it is working.

For me this ist ok, because I know I have a working ssl connection.
It think the program is whining about the certificate between the proxy and the docker host.