Uploading many small files in Seahub slower than expected


I’ve been tasked to compare the performance of Nextcloud with Seafile. From my preliminary tests with Seahub (haven’t looked at the client/sync yet), Seafile can run circles around Nextcloud - it outperforms Nextcloud slightly when uploading 600 MB JPEGs (Seafile takes 7-8s, Nextcloud 10-11s) and massively when uploading a single large 2,3 GB video (Seafile takes 23-24s, Nextcloud 124-128s). But very surprisingly to me after these results, Nextcloud is faster when uploading many very small files (~300 files with a total size of 9032 KB) - Seafile takes 33-35s, Nextcloud 19-20s.

From what I can tell in Firefox’s network inspector, Nextcloud is winning in this discipline because it seems to parallelize its rather slow requests (100-200ms/req), while Seahub doesn’t seem to parallelize its much faster requests (10-15ms/req) at all.

I have a feeling that Seafile would win easily in this discipline too if I could just get it to parallelize its requests, but I haven’t found an option for that in the docs so far. Is there a configuration option I’m missing?