Uploading multiple files on Android

Hello - I’m new to Seafile and having an issue uploading more than one file at a time. I searched the forum and documentation, but find no mention of an issue like this. I’ve tried from the Android client and from the web interface using Chrome mobile to upload multiple files at a time. The interfaces both allow me to select more than one file, but only one file gets uploaded.

Suggestions on what I could be doing wrong?

Upload multiple files via Chrome is likely the limitation of Chrome.

We will look into the issue of uploading multiple files via Android App.

In Android you can just select multiple files (with your image viewer or file manager), then select Share and choose Seafile. Now you can select in which folder you want to upload these files.

Works for single and multiple files

Thanks Dan.

Jack, thanks. I would prefer to do through the app, but this alternate method works.