Uploading Music Files

Hello. This is my first time using Seafile so I apologize if this is a rookie mistake.

I recently installed Seafile Server and am able to upload pictures from the desktop and mobile sync clients just fine, however when I try to upload a music file (flv format) the upload hangs.

I am unsure if its something to do with the file format or are there additional configurations I need to make to upload music/video files? Or is it normal for music/video uploads to take a long time to upload?

Thank you for your time.

Edit: I tried it with a mp3 format and it worked. Apparently flv formats don’t work. Sorry for the trouble.

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It seem that this is maybe some kind of bug?
@daniel.pan @lian

This has a solved label, does it work now?

I don’t see a reason why it shouldn’t work. One should be able to upload any file and I didn’t experience any issues with any filetype so far.

Can you try again, do a right click on your Seafile Client icon > open logs folder, send them to a zip file and upload it here: https://download.seafile.com/u/d/ccb624f5b4ce4f00b480/

It’s crazy that someone has the same question as me. As a newbie to Seafile and I don’t know how to upload music files that are available on radiofrench. Thank you so much for posting what I wanted to say