Uploads from Android do not work with Seafile Pro 9


after upgrading server to Seafile Pro 9 (currently re-tested from scrath on fresh linux box and 9.0.6 docker image) I cannot do any uploads from Android client. Client shows upload is complete, however there is nothing added to seafile library.
Uploads have been working fine on Seafile Pro server version 8 and 8.0.1x for years.
Android client is 2.2.45.

Any hints?


I can’t reproduce the issue. Maybe you can check the log at the server side.


in system admin → logs → file update there I can see all files uploaded from desktop client, but there are no entries from Android client.
How should I check logs on server side? My installation is 100% docker-based.


I checked all log files in seafile container – no entries related to uploads from Android. Something incompatible between the client and server version 9?

There should be no general problem about Android client with server v9.

It should be something specific to your deployment.

My deployment is very simple:

  • fresh Debian 11 installation
  • Seafile Pro 9 installed as containers in vanilla configuration. Not much is possible to mess up here.
  • No errors in any log file.

I installed another Debian 11 on a virtual machine and Seafile Pro 8 – uploads from Android work without issues. So it has to be something in Seafile 9 or something between Seafile 9 and Android client.

I am unable to upload from android on seafile pro 9.0.6 either. thought I found the error, but I believe it was for e-mails.