Urgent. Files is deleted automatically when re install Seadrive (V 1.0.11 or 1.0.12)

I thnk there are bugs when using Seadrive.
Seadrive client can cause mass delete files. It caused mostly when I remove the old seadrive client and install the new one.
The deleted files is randomly but I think it has relation with files that currently or just in sync.

Ourr system has been in situation of lost files many time. When reading in history, It alway have message like that: " Deleted “3a.CDR CDIO__KTD_20082020.doc” and 16 more files)

Roll back with the snapshot can recover the old ones. But (may be) lost the new update file after that time.

This error is very dangerous and it can repeat. Be careful.
Please check and resolve it.


Same problem here with SeaDrive 2.0.5
In every Library which is shared to a new user using SeaDrive this happens:

Deleted “xxx” and 19985 more files.[Details] 2020-09-08 [xxx] xxx / seadrive_2.0.5

Which version of SeaDrive do you use before you update it? SeaDrive 1.0.10 or older can have such behavior when logging out a user.

With SeaDrive 2.0, this behavior can happen when you remove a Seafile account from the client, or logout an account and choose to remove the cache. This is due to a behavior of the Windows API we use. It’s hard to completely avoid it in applications.

I confirm that I have logout and select remove cache. But this error is exists also in Seadrive 1.0.x, not only 2.0.x

And, It mean clean cache is a very dangerous action. Its must be disabled or have confirmed many time, not only and simple Yes/no confirmation.

It can caused to lost much more data quietly. Everyone must be careful with it.

We’ll look for some way to avoid it.