User account read only

Would it be a usefull feature if an seafile server admin could set a flag within a user account making all the files of this user in the WHOLE account READ-ONLY?

And offcourse, removing the marker mainkg it writeable again.

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Do you mean read-only to the user himself or to other users?
If to other users, you can share libs/folders as read-only.
If to the user himself, the admin can set a minimum quota to the user

Dear Jack i mean that I as a system admin want to set all the user data of 1 perticullar to read only.

This is usefull if one of the students of a classroom leaves the group.
We want to give this student 1 month to pickup his personal data, but not be able to add or even change data in his personal account.

After this month the account is disabled, and a while later deleted.

Kind Regards

This is currently not possible.

I know, thats why i’m asking…:slight_smile: