Using EXIF information for galleries


this requests partially doubles old topics, especially


As mentioned in the cited posts above customers expect that images are displayed with the correct orientation and will be annoyed by anything else.

Another EXIF tag worth reading is the time of exposure to modify the sort order of the images. This gets especially useful, if images made by multiple cameras or photographers are combined into one gallery and the user want to look at them in the correct chronological order.

Seafile is really often used to share images; reading (and using) EXIF information extracted from images would make Seafile an even better replacement for specialized image gallery applications.

Therefore my feature request is:

Seafile should offer to sort directories that contain images using the exposure dates stored in the EXIF information of the images in list and grid view and should used the orientation property - also read from EXIF - to rotate images if necessary.

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Current workaround is to automatically rename the pics like yyyy-mm-dd as in EXIF via script, but it could be much simpler if this would be implemented in seafile. Really looking forward to this.


interestingly the small thumbnails show the correct orientation and on an iPad - when using a browser, not the Seafile client - the EXIF information is used to show the image with the correct orientation, too.

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The orientation problem is solved in version 6.1.


Looks like the orientation issue is back on Server Version: 7.0.13