Verifying storage backend encryption

Hello all,
i have set up a seafile server installation (pro, latest release as of three days ago) and was successful in setting up the storage backend as local filesystem, S3-compatible storage and also as multiple storage backends (different combinations for testing purposes).
I know this is mostly a pro server question but i activated storage backend encryption (following the manual) and was wondering if there is any way to actually verify that the storage backends are encrypted?

Using went actually well - for local storage and for multiple storage backends including local storage the script output let me to believe that encryption was successful. (I have yet to try if there is a possibility to set up S3 Storage as the sole storage using encryption - not quite sure how to reference the S3 storage or if maybe the script will run without -e flag provided).

So in short: after running is there a way to tell if the backend is encrypted or not - i don’t mean it in a cryptoanalytical way but in the way of status information about the storage backends that are used and if they are ecrypted or not?