Version hell after trying fresh install on Ubuntu 20.04

Trying to do a fresh install on a new Ubuntu 20.04 server (old install on Ubuntu 18.04 w/ Seafile 7.1.5), I’ve ran into different problems due to new library versions … the latest is caused by a - from what I can find - deprecated django library …

While seafile itself starts just fine, seahub fails with this error:

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘django.core.urlresolvers’

This seems to be an issue of an outdated use in django 2.2, which is the standard version included in Ubuntu 20.04, while django 2.1 would probably work … what’s the recommended solution for this problem? I can’t be the first to try an install of the official install archive on Ubuntu 20 …

Did some more testing, as mentioned it looks like current version of Django have moved the resolvers stuff to a differnt module, as well as changed features. From what I can see this has been taken into account in Seafile 8.0.0, so anybody have a solution for 7.1.x?
I tried running 8.0.0, and while both seafile and seahub do start up, seahub throws errors when trying to access the frontend … which is pretty frustrating … is anybody running Seafile on Ubuntu 20.04 ???

Garry, I had as well issue in the beginning on Ubuntu 20.04. Mainly because auf Phyton. If you do a search in the forum on Ubuntu 20 you will find the tip on using PIP again. That solved the issue for me. Now even running 20.10 without issue.

Not sure I can locate which posting you mean … there are quite a few different issues posted about on Ubuntu20 …will do a bit more searching

Well, I came across this description, and running all the steps on a clean Ubuntu 20.04 install resulted in a working Seafile … got to see what happens when I do an apt upgrade and then import my old database and storage …