Volunteer to become a builder for seafile ARM64v8

I saw on github that you guys were looking for a builder for ARM64v8, and I would like to help if I can.
However I’m not quite sure how this is done and I would like to talk with you before.

Feel free to message/email me.



Just notifying the maintainers. :slight_smile:

@jobenvil @Gustl22

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@fpotier Sure, and thnks for pinging @Barolo . Tomorrow I will give you more advice, I’m on the go.

Alright, thanks.
Have a good evening.

@fpotier First of all, you need to create your build environment. This is achieved by using lxc containers:

On this thread, later on @Gustl22 has posted some more advices.

The build script is located in GitHub itself, under:

E.g. to compile Seafile server v8.0.5:

$ wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/haiwen/seafile-rpi/master/build3.sh
$ chmod u+x build3.sh
$ ./build3.sh -D -A -v 8.0.5 -h https://raw.githubusercontent.com/jobenvil/rpi-build-seafile/main/seahub_requirements_v8.0.5.txt

After you built the binaries, paste the link to your tar gzip files here or create a new thread announcing them and I will upload those to GitHub, exactly here:

Hey @fpotier, @jobenvil,
sorry wasn’t active for seafile in a while. Nontheless, if you need advice to start with building, let ne know.
@jobenvil do you plan to do a release for 8.0.6?

@Gustl22 Yes, I had an netfilter issue with the containers. Now is solved. Yes, please send me your builds links and I will upload them.

Here the command we have to use:

./build3.sh -D -A -v 8.0.6 -h https://raw.githubusercontent.com/haiwen/seahub/master/requirements.txt -d https://raw.githubusercontent.com/haiwen/seafdav/master/requirements.txt

We have again that the requirements.txt is only right on the master tag. The tag v8.0.6 miss again the last line, chardet and therefore builds with default values will fail at the end of the build.

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@Gustl22 8.0.7 is out. :eyes:

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I built some packages for arm64 (seafile server 8.0.7) and send them to jobenvil. @fpotier its pretty straight forward, if you’re still interested in helping out. I also updated the instructions on my forum post. Did you manage to get it running?

Hello all,

I have built seafile server 8.0.7 for my raspberry pi 1 model B (ARMv6), on buster.
If you are interested, the binary is here: https://github.com/seb496/seafile-rpi/releases/download/v8.0.7/seafile-server-8.0.7-buster-armv6l.tar.gz

This was built with the following command:

$ ./build3.sh -D -A -v 8.0.7 -h https://raw.githubusercontent.com/haiwen/seahub/master/requirements.txt -d https://raw.githubusercontent.com/haiwen/seafdav/master/requirements.txt