Volunteer to become a builder for seafile ARM64v8

I saw on github that you guys were looking for a builder for ARM64v8, and I would like to help if I can.
However I’m not quite sure how this is done and I would like to talk with you before.

Feel free to message/email me.



Just notifying the maintainers. :slight_smile:

@jobenvil @Gustl22

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@fpotier Sure, and thnks for pinging @Barolo . Tomorrow I will give you more advice, I’m on the go.

Alright, thanks.
Have a good evening.

@fpotier First of all, you need to create your build environment. This is achieved by using lxc containers:

On this thread, later on @Gustl22 has posted some more advices.

The build script is located in GitHub itself, under:

E.g. to compile Seafile server v8.0.5:

$ wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/haiwen/seafile-rpi/master/build3.sh
$ chmod u+x build3.sh
$ ./build3.sh -D -A -v 8.0.5 -h https://raw.githubusercontent.com/jobenvil/rpi-build-seafile/main/seahub_requirements_v8.0.5.txt

After you built the binaries, paste the link to your tar gzip files here or create a new thread announcing them and I will upload those to GitHub, exactly here: