Want to install Seafile on Rpi4 + OMV 5 + Docker + Syncing everywhere

Hello everybody,

I’d like to install Seafile but I want to know first if it’s possible with my conf and my needs.

I’ve got a Raspberry Pi 4 (4 GB) that I’m using as a NAS with OpenMediaVault 5.
Docker is installed, and I use Portainer to manage my containers. For the moment, as I’m a noob, there are only very few containers installed.

Today I’d like to have my personal cloud to sync files between 2 laptops (macOS and windows) at home and another one (windows) at work.

I wanted to know if it was possible with Seafile? Furthermore I’d like to protect the sync when I’m at work (I read things about LetsEncrypt and Nginx but I didn’t really understand how it works and how make them work with Seafile…).

I tried NextCloud few months ago, that I installed with a Tuto found on Youtube, but I’d got issues with it, so I want now to try something else.

Thanx in advance for your answers and your advices.

Yes, it is possible. I have a seafile on docker in comunity version and it works fine. As for the lets encrypt part, you will need it if you want to access seafile via the https protocol.

Thanx for your answer. What image container do you use to install Seafile in raspberry pi 4?

Thanx in advance

with some changes to adapt it to our infrastructure I used compose too much trouble

Ok, i see it’s the official docker compose, but what kind of changes did you do to make it works with Rpi4?
I tried myself several times, but Seafile image doesn’t work with Rpi4…