We will use a new brand SeaDrive for European Union

Hi all,

To avoid trademark issue, we will use a new brand SeaDrive for European Union customers.

SeaDrive server is a special version of Seafile Professional Edition designed for users in European Union. It uses a new brand and logo. Other than this, all functions are identical.

The new logo:

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Daniel Pan


When you say European Union customers do you exclude customers from the UK?

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Like the logos.

Very nice. But to avoid more “Seafile name/project confusion” and to keep project transparency: better add a subtitle like “powered by Seafile” or “powered by Seafile Ltd.”?

Edit: another thing: don’t use more colours. Keep your yellow which is already a known corporate design. I think Seafile doesn’t need a third color, does it? :wink:


I understand the background but do you really want to use 2 different logos in different parts of the world for the same product? Could be very irritating for customers!? Would’nt it be better to have 1 common logo / trademark all around the world?

Just my 0,02$,

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I’m “just” a European user of the community edition, but I feel like I have to voice my opinion in this case, or rather my opposition.
First, I like the graphic design of the new logo, BUT it risks to give a completely wrong impression of the whole GmbH/Ltd debacle:

  1. In the German forums it seems like a lot of users/customers are up in arms against the whole “why shouldn’t we simply sell a product based on source code we didn’t even develop”-attitude. As the development of the original progresses (and reaches new major version numbers), it’s quite possible that in a few months the GmbH version(s) will trail behind and any potential new user/customer will likely be confronted with 2 Seafile websites (.de / .com), one of which will clearly be outdated… The “natural” choice could well be the original Ltd version.

  2. By introducing yet another brand, the casual observer / potential new client will see a split between SeaDrive on the one side and Seafile on the other. Such a move would be extremely confusing, since it doesn’t reflect (at all!) the actual split that has happened: the one between the Ltd and GmbH. Confusion is the last thing Seafile needs right now!

  3. The color. Fortunately the GmbH has at least made a minor (and insufficient) change to their designs: they moved away from the yellow. You’ve got to keep it in order to distinguish yourselves by upholding the original color used over all those years by the original developers! Do remember that a lot of websites / blog posts still mention a product named Seafile and having a yellow logo. Don’t underestimate this. It’s up to the Germans to establish a new identity!

  4. Don’t give up on the Trademark. I’m not a lawyer and the international situation won’t make it easier, but as an outsider I’m clearly left wondering how on Earth the GmbH can claim some ownership of the Pro source code. You know best what your business arrangements were, but in case the GmbH Pro version is nothing more than a “pirate” version, you should use that to your advantage in possible negociations.

  5. Make sure it’s your mobile apps that dominate the various app stores. Make sure that your official mobile app and desktop clients display a compatibility warning when it contacts a server that is potentially incompatible. (But do it right: no inflammatory language, implement a proper check in order to be able to recognize the official server versions.)

Please refrain from any change of visual identity or name for the next few months. Seafile is the established name. You can only lose by changing it!!


Thanks for the suggestions.

But we are forced to use a new name until we can get it back by a long lawsuit.

Thanks for the suggestion. The purple color will be not used in the final version.


Sorry to hear that man. That sucks.


Will this make problems with existing installations with the old Name? If so, are we europeans still able to Download “SeaFile”?

Actually seadrive-pro-server-version-x.x.x will be the same as seafile-pro-server-version-x.x.x, only the logo and brand name is modified. You can upgrade, downgrade and switch different versions in the old way. The old installations are not affected too.

…and Switzerland and Norway??? Strange. What about the Baltic?