Web interface not functioning properly after upgrade from Server 7.1.3 to 8.0.7

Greetings all.
We had Seafile server 7.1.3 using nginx running on Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS, configured with LDAP integration and all, and it functioned 100%. I recently upgraded to 8.0.7 as I didn’t want us to get too far behind. I made sure to install the pre-requisite packages as noted on the seafile manual here: /upgrade_notes_for_8.0.x/ before following the directions in /deploy/upgrade/

The upgrade script showed no failures and everything appeared to be fine. I was able to execute seafile.sh and seahub.sh from seafile-server-8.0.7 and adding /api2/server-info/ at the end of our server’s address returned that it was running 8.0.7. Seafile client showed no troubles, libraries were synced and synced any changes. However, when I went to look in our web portal, that’s where it became obvious that things were not alright. All it loaded was the background image. If I manually altered the URL I could get a white page with a long vertical list of languages and the login fields, but attempting login lead to a blank white page. Checking error logs show numerous 502 errors but I am not sure I’m even looking at the right stuff. If I stop seafile.sh and seahub.sh and restart them from the old seafile install folder /seafile-server-7.1.3/, everything works fine. Web interface and library syncing. This leaves me completely stumped because I have no idea what is causing the 502 errors.

Has anyone else run into this before? Does anyone have any ideas where I might need to be looking to figure this out (or point me at the obvious that I simply didn’t see)? Thank you very much in advance.

Issue resolved. Seems the manual/documentation was part of the issue, as well as someone who configured or set up Seafile before me doing things differently/wrong. The dir seafile-server-latest isn’t mentioned in the “what you should see after upgrade” list so that got deleted, but before that, it had been created as an actual directory with files in it, not the symlink it’s supposed to be. Renaming that and then creating the proper symlink and having that pointing to seafile-server-8.0.7 provided everything we needed. Both the file synch and web interface function perfectly now.

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