Web UI / Specific menu MY FILES (Locked and recently modified files)


i’m on pro 69.1 version with OnlyOffice.

Locking a file seems very useful when a online editor is connected to seafile.
When files can be edited directly by other users into the web interface, more errors can occur.
For files that are in a “final” state, it can be dangerous, even if you can get the history.

Then, locking a file can be more secure.

But, locking features has some limitations.

  • You cannot lock several files at one time
  • You cannot lock a folder
  • You can not easily unlock files (only the locking user can, and he does not know all the files he has locked.

Then, here are some improvement ideas :

  • ability to lock several files and folder(s)
  • ability to access quicly to locked files
    For this last feature, you cold add a menu
    My Files
  • Recent Files (that i modified, not only mines)
  • Locked Files (only mines)

What do you think of it ?
You could also add these improvement to the local client…