WebDAV Application for syncing IOS video and camera with SeaFile

Hi. I have SeaFile 9.0.0 deployed, I normally sync files from a PC and from an Android device via WebDAV, but for iOS devices I can’t find a normal application with automatic backup of photos and videos with connection to a WebDAV server. The Seafile Pro client for IOS itself syncs with errors.
Please share which sync apps do you use?

I have Android,

I’ve tried a few different tools

Syncthing works but sometimes is annoying to connect.

FolderSync Pro works (android)
MetaCtrl Autosync works (android)

For iOS I don’t know if this one is good but it has a high rating: ‎Sync Folders Pro on the App Store

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I’m using the Seafile app on iOS and haven’t seen any errors.

Thanks for the answer) On android, I also use sync folder and I don’t see any problems)

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Have you tried shooting a 500 MB video? Does it sync automatically without problems on iOS?