WebDAV not accessible inside LAN

Hi all,
I looked through various posts but I cannot find a solution to my problem. Seafile in general is running just fine in my LAN. Now I would like to use the Android app FolderSync so I activated WebDAV via conf/seafdav.conf:

enabled = true
port = 8080
fastcgi = false
share_name = /

When I open a browser on the actual server, I can login to the WebDAV server and I can see the files. FolderSync on my phone, however, returns “not authorized”. Using another PC in my network and trying to access the server via browser gives me a window asking for user name and password. When I type in my credentials, the window just pops up again (I stopped trying after the fifth time).

Is there anything I missed? Do I need Apache installed or something?

Hi nkduufk,
welcome to the Community Forum!
I am not familiar with the Folder Sync App. So I cannot say anything about it.
Do I understand correctly that you did not follow the instructions on this page? https://download.seafile.com/published/seafile-manual/extension/webdav.md
If you didn’t please do!
Please also describe in a more structured way how you try to access the data on the Seafile server. Keyword: URI
Finally: Is the WebDAV port open on your server?

Hi rdb,
I did follow the instructions and (as mentioned above) only modified the “seafdav.conf”. So this would represent sample configuration 1 in the manual.
On the server itself I entered
localhost:8080 (which works)
On my PC inside the same network I entered in the internet browser (where I am stuck with the credentials window)
and I used the same address in foldersync.

Regarding the port: How do I check for open ports on the server? It is running raspbian.
netstat -an | grep 8080
tcp 0 0* LISTEN
Does this help?

Wait, you are prompted to enter your credentials? Well, then you are speaking to Seafile’s webdav server. (Sorry, I just realized that you had written that in your previous post.)
Then check the seafdav.log in the logs directory. This will tell you what is going on.

This is a bit embarrassing, but for some reason I can now access the webdav server from my other PC inside the LAN.
So the problem does not seem to be seafile. Looking at the folderSync FAQs, it may seem, that insecure connections may not be allowed by Android any longer. So I would need to make WebDAV secure (https??). Is there any easy way to do this without Apache?

BTW: the seafdav.log is emtpy

Glad to hear that it eventually works - whatever the reason.
If you want to switch to HTTPS, you need a HTTP server that can handle SSL/TLS certificates. gunicorn, the HTTP server shipped with Seafile cannot. Thus you need to use either nginx oder apache as a proxy (which is gunicorn’s recommendation anyway). On the bright side: If you follow the instructions in the Seafile manual (see above), it should be fairly straightforward.

Just found another Android device with an older version. There is works, so it is definitely an issue of recent Android not accepting http connections.

Ok. Considering Google’s “encrypt-the-internet” policy, it only makes sense that Android does not accept HTTP connections.
Then I think we can mark this thread as solved.