Webdav (seafdav) with Encrypted Libraries?

Hi all,

I’ve been an avid seafile user for over 2 years… absolutely love it, keep up the great work!

I just recently configured WebDav with my seafile installation, mostly for accessing my files from certain iOS applications (PDF Expert, specifically).

I can connect to my server and see all of my libraries, except for the encrypted ones. I’m assuming that’s because WebDAV doesn’t support encrypted libraries, but the seafile documentation is silent on this issue.

If that’s the case, are there future plans to support encrypted libraries over WebDAV? I know that one of the intentions for Seafile Drive 1.0 is to implement encrypted library support for the Drive Client, will that implementation have any impact on WebDAV as well?

If not, I suppose the best suggestion is just to move some of the files I want to work with to an unencrypted library for use with WebDAV? Any others?

Thanks very much!

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You are right, it is not possible to use encrypted libraries with WebDAV. As far as I know there are no specific plans to support that, even though many others had asked for this feature. I would appreciate that, too!

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Any news about this? It will be really interesting to use encrypted libraries with WebDAV.


I’ve written it somewhere else. But again: sending the password of encrypted libries to the server breaks their security. You can better encryption the whole disk with standard Unix tools in that case.

Implementing access to encrypted libraries over WebDAV requires sending the password to the server in plain text.

Would there be any difference between this and using the Seahub web frontend with encrypted libraries? Seahub with encrypted libraries mean that the password is sent as “plaintext” (TLS encrypted so not really plain), too. And it is even stored on the server for an hour.

That’s correct, it is a big security whole as well. Encryption only works when only being used with the clients.