WebUI does not show up

Hi all

I try to install a fresh Seafile 6.0.5 Server on a CentOS 7.2 VPS with Nginx and https.

The WebUI does not show up. I get a list of all the languages and a rudimentary login butt does not allow me to do anything.

Can someone tell me what I can do to debug this?

Thanks, Chris

This is an interesting behaviour:

Deleting the path to the media folder solved it, in line with this post:

Let’s keep discussing it there, I would propose.

There is an error with your “redirection/rewrites” in nginx.
how do you access the webgui: www.example.com or www.example.com/somepath?
i think, that /media is missing. so no css, javascript & images files can be loaded.

Hi Marcus

I access the seafiLe via seafile.example.com.
And it only works if I delete the path to the media file…

The developers are strangely silent about this? :wink:


I debugged the page with chrome and found some references to /media. The first reference to the stylesheet seems wrong, as I can’t find any folder called CACHE inside the media folder in seahub?

This seems to be unavailable. Is this a clue that could help solving this problem?

I have a same problem, from seafile.conf in nginx delete 2 lines
location /media ;
root /root/blablabla;
and done!!!
sorry my english!! jejejej

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