WedDAV / Nginx Question

I found this software yesterday, and have downloaded and installed it. It is currently running fine behind an Nginx-ssl proxy. I would like to now add the WebDAV functionality, but I wanted to check to see if that functionality still required the fastcgi config.

I see that the other pieces have deprecated fcgi, so before I work all that out, I thought I would check to see if dav has been converted to wsgi as well.


You can even use WebDAV with WSGI.

@bionade24 That’s good to hear. I went ahead and configured it with FCGI, but I will go back and try to get it to work with WSGI on a test box. Hopefully the documentation will get updated soon to reflect that option.

Thank you.


Please post your configuration so that we have it for future reference. Thanks!

Here is some prior work on WebDAV and WSGI.