Weird Movement / UX in macOS Finder – Column Mode

Hey Community!

I have a weird bug, when navigating in macOS Finder inside SeaDrive in the Column view. When scrolling horizontally, the windows jumps back to the right. Hard to explain, here is a screencap (link is valid until beginning of april):

  • It happens on multiple SeaDrive-Versions (including the latest 2.0.20)
  • We tried multiple machines and macOS-Versions and machines (M1 and Intel) » problem is everywhere
  • The problem did not exist 6 months ago or so.

Does anybody has the same problem or found a way to fix it?

Hello, this may be a bug of mac, not just seadrive, other folders also has this problem in the column view.

Hey there, that’s interesting. In our case the problem is only in the SeaDrive-Folder. No other Folder has this problem…

Does anybody else have this bug? It’s pretty annoying…

What version of macOS are you running?

12.3.1 (Monterey). It happened on other Monterey Versions as well though…

Is this on Intel or M1?

It happens on both platforms

Hi, I believe this is caused by the Seafile Finder extension when it updates the icons next to the filename (which indicate whether a file has been synced). I am seeing similar behaviour in Dropbox folders (when their Finder extension is enabled) and also on samba shares (where file metadata is probably (re)loaded periodically asynchronously be the Finder). So this is probably in fact a bug / new behaviour of Finder in Monterey – but still the question is, if the Seafile extension could somehow work around this.

I tried to describe this in more detail in a thread (“Monterey Finder Column View Bug Killing Me - Please Help”) on macrumors, which I can’t link directly unfortunately.