Weird syncing behaviour, please someone explain

When syncing with Seafile Client on Win 10, the process used to be normal: the local new and updated files used to be uploaded to the server and the locally deleted - removed from the server copy. Now when I sync with the server I get a weird hybrid behavior: some files/folders are uploaded, some are downloaded, and some are downloaded and marked with SFConflict. No one else is syncing to this server and no one has tampered with the server files directly (either through the Seafile browser interface or on server level - unless it’s somehow the result of a system update). Can someone please explain this messy behavior to me, cause I don’t understand what is causing it. Using Seafile Client 9.0.5 (syncing to Server CE 6.3.4 on CentOS, but the same happened on version 10.0.1), on Windows 10 Enterprise 22H2 (March patches). Thank you in advance!

are you running two seafile server instances?? one on centos and one on Windows 10 (with docker?)

SFConflict normally means that the file was edited on both ends, the server and locally. Did you edit the files in the browser?

Hi, thank you for your response. I had to migrate to a new server and have two separate accounts to two remote servers from the same Seafile client on Windows 10 (both servers are still active). And no, I have not touched the files in the browser. I suspected that having two accounts might be the cause so today I removed one of the accounts. Do you think this could be causing it? The Seafile client prevents you from syncing the same folder path to two accounts so I don’t see how this could have messed up things. Any ideas?