What are the plans for the dokany version of seadrive?

I’ve noticed the dokany version of seadrive is still listed in the seadrive section for the downloads page, however I’m not sure if this means both versions will be maintained or if it’s a similar case for what’s done for older versions of the server, where the download links are left available just in case. I use WSL and other command line tools quite frequently and I’m not sure how supported the placeholder file approach is with apps that don’t interact with explorer.exe.

Are there any plans on keeping this version alive? If not then I think it shouldn’t be that difficult to port the existing seadrive-fuse version to work with cygwin and a fuse adapter for windows, like the one https://github.com/billziss-gh/winfsp provides. This will probably work without many issues for the main functionality, although I’m not sure how difficult it will be to make seadrive-gui and its explorer extension work with this.

SeaDrive 1.0 is not longer maintained. It’s only still provided for download on the website for some time. In the beginning when SeaDrive 2.0 was not quite stable, it’s necessary to provide the older version. In the future it’ll be removed for download on the website.

SeaDrive 2.0 is based on kernel filter driver provided by Windows. So it should work with any program that can work with Window file system.

@Jonathan Please don’t remove 1.0 for Windows. I’ve been trying each version up to 2.0.12 and there are some flaws that prevent our Windows users to migrate to that version, mainly the lack of availability to set/limit cache sizes, the tendency to fill the full disk, and the quite long / annoying paths generated to reach the libraries (plus having seadrive and seadrive_root which confuses users). A dokany version (like google drive) will be heavily preferable over the Windows API. We are recommending 2.0 only to non-windows users and explicitly ask to avoid 2.0 to windows ones.

We plan to add back the auto cleaning of cache in later versions.

You may change the cache location to something like C:\seadrive