What is the reason why the seafile server no longer supports Windows?

What is the reason why the seafile server no longer supports Windows? For ordinary home users, many home computers are Windows systems. Isn’t it very demanding to deploy seafile servers on home computers?

Well, I guess that’s what Docker is for. So that you can run the seafile server independent of the underlying OS.
But of note, I was also running a windows system first for my home server, and switched to Ubuntu Server when Seafile dropped windows support. I had some learning to do, but in the end I am very pleased, configuration is in general much easier than on windows, as you can save all your configuration in script files to re-run them for server migration.
And for Ubuntu, there are many tutorials online in dedicated ubuntu wikis to learn everything about https, let’s encrypt certifications and so on.
Last but not least, Ubuntu supports ZFS, a file-system with inbuilt RAID support that checks, reports and fixed file degradation. This is something Windows cannot offer.
To learn linux, it is best to give it a try in a virtualbox, so you can play around without causing any harm to your current OS.
Give it a try!
P.S. You can also use an Ubuntu with a graphical user interface, if that makes you more comfortable, seafile works there too. I like Xubuntu a lot, as it is more responsive than regular Ubuntu desktop and still good looking :wink:

I see. Thanks @res80 . It’s very kind of you!