While table `base_filecomment` is not migrated yet

I just got a seafile server, running version 9. Checking file_updates_sender.log, and I got this:

Warning: File comment has changed since version 6.3, while table base_filecomment is not migrated yet, please consider migrate it according to v6.3.0 release note, otherwise the file comment feature will not work correctly.

It looks like the old admin didn’t migrate the comment table while upgrading. How to migrate the comment table now?

You have the answer to your question in the warning message. It does not get any more precise than this :wink:

In other words, check this: ce-7.0 - Seafile Admin Manual

How comes I got this message after downloading and installing brand new seafile server 10.0.1 if this is related to some upgrade from version 6.0 to 7.0?