Whole Drive Powered by Seafile (Kickstater campain)


Whole Drive is a new and open source cloud solution powered by Seafile. An all-European solution with security as its primary focus.

An all-European Solution

Services are managed from Belgium, where a team is available to answer your enquiries and assist you. The data is stored in one of the best data centers in Germany. The company hosting your data has obtained through external audits the most renowed certifications and insurances ( ISO 27001, PCI DSS, SOC 1, HIPAA and NEN 7510)

Why are we launching a kickstarter campaign?

Primarily to develop the cloud further and to lock low prices for our users. Donations are used to locate servers, to set up infrastructures, to translate and finally to our communication and marketing needs.

Whole Drive is a solution designed for the user. The solution puts the security of the user and his data. Its goal is to offer honest and transparent services while remaining attentive to the users’ needs .

Kickstater campain here : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/945487357/whole-drive-le-cloud-100-europeen-and-open-source

Email : contact at wholedrive dot com

Thank you in advance.

Olivier Gaspard.
Founder of Whole Drive.

  1. You telling “All-European solution”. Campain is in some french language … why? Why not english or german?
  2. Second: I don’t see difference from seafile.cc … from my view, you just take complete solution, put it on your server and pay for some ISO certificates.

So why we should support competition. For me is best to donate directly to Seafile Ltd.

What you want to translate? “€ 3,000 for translation into 3 languages ​​of the platform, English, German and Dutch”
This is already done.

I’m thinking about report, but want let you say what’s on your mind.



Translation is for the website, not for Seafile. Arround 1000 € / language include documents like Privacy etc.


So you want to use the CE or Pro? Pro is not “all opensource” and will most probably never be.

100% europe and open source:

das sieht aus wie eine einfache gehostet seafile ce Lösung, die jeder anbieten kann. wo ist der grosse Unterschied dazu?

alledings, da steht ‘Recherche de vos fichiers’, was eigentlich nur mit der Pro version geht, die wie schon oben erwähnt nicht open source ist, was nun?

hm, und wieso steht da “source hébergée en Allemagne.” es ist aber alles in französisch (kein englisch oder deutsch)?

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