Why is seafile deleting my files

I fire up my PC, and seafile desides to throw away 70226 files!!
Once it has done that, it starts (immediately) to sync those file wright back to the seafile server (which takes about all night).
Can anybody help me HOW to FIND OUT WHY seafile does this??

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Time settings correct?

Can you elaborate?
My PC is in a windows domain which sync’s with an NTP host, i am not aware i should have strato somuch time sync with my seafile server, i’m shure most users will have some kind of deviation with their seafile server as they usualy will not sync with the same timeserver.

What i would like to know, is WHERE i can find the REASON why my client decides to throw away 70k files??
Doesn’t it see the files on the source fast enough??, if so i’ve got the “do not automaticaly unsync a library” marked. It isn’t there for fun, but becaus it should be configurable
Debugging the reason would help the developer to fix this i assume?

I happen to have a decent backup on another source, but most users would not amused with this behaviour of seafile i guess.

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Hello Gérard,

I have a similar problem on a few libraries… And it seems we are not the only ones.
I dug out a related thread to find some help (https://forum.seafile.com/t/files-getting-randomly-deleted/) but unsuccessfully so far…

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Hi @Gerardsc

I don’t fully understand your question. What do you mean by the client deleted the files then uploaded them again? Are the files deleted on your local disk or just getting moved or deleted on the server?

Dear Jonathan (sorry for the time i did not respond), i think i find something last week.
Dispite the fact i have checked the checkmarks in seafile settings tab “do not automaticaly unsync a library”& “do not unsunc a library when not found on server”.

I’ve seen seafile deleting the complete repository off files on my seafile server, once i’ve reconnected the windows network drive containing the source files for this repository, it started syncing all of the 200gb on files (being all my photographs off the last 20 years).

I would like top help you finding the cause, but the problem is the problem is not manualy reproduceable, i just sometimes see it happening.

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We had the problem for our internal use : files got deleted a few days in a row, so we had to go back to a previous snapshot. But luckily, we’ve noticed it. The machines where only windows clients, all time synced.
This problem happened 3 times on three different customers (we are a Seafile reseller buying professional licences).
We are very anxious that one day a customer wouldn’t notice it straight away and that the data would be out of retention. As we didn’t get any precise lead on how to debug that, we’ve decided to stop developing the Seafile business and will completely withdraw from it.

Sad, but completely understandable.


I had a similar issue, but with Mac users:

Same issue met here, linux server with windows clients, serveral times seafile delete files from clients - while all clients kept the file , 2nd days i found seafile client sync and delete the files …