Win explorer extension not working on user accounts | Win11

the explorer extension does not work in Windows 11. There are several posts about the explorer extension not showing up in this forum.

I installed a fresh WIndows 11; installed Seadrive and Seafile in the newest versions avaible (yesterday).

The extension does not show up on a limited user account, but it does on administrator Accounts right away.

Since it is working on the same maschine, same settings, I thought I might give it a try and maybe solve the broken extension occuring on several maschines now.

Windows 11 (23H2 Build 22631.3296) → updated today, wasn’t working before
Seadrive 3.0.8
Seafile 9.0.5

This is not the newest version of both programs. it is working with administrative rights: I found out: the version is rather unimportant to the problem.

If this issue is related to some access rights, the workstations are member of a Windows Domain and user access and workstation accounts are managed within the domain.

Besides the local admin does also see the extension and use it while normal users can not.

Thx a lot for any help leading to the source of this problem.

Hi Staki,

Have you tried altering the permissions of the seafile to include ‘everyone’ in the permissions list?

Alternatively, I would look at their permissions on the DC/AD to see if there is any restrictions against network drives (Seadrive) and go from there.

Kind regards,