Windows Client 3.0.2 cannot 'Free up space'

I believe this was an issue in Windows client at least from version 2, as I saw discussions about it in this forum.
Windows 11 + Client 3.0.2
The client redownloads the files when clicking the ‘free up space’ menu. That means the user cannot really free up the space.
Please do not suggest reinstalling, religion, or deleting the account. This is a bug in the Windows client, solving this bug is the right thing to do. Thank you.

This is the events.log for this GIF, it tried to create/update the file, I guess the shell menu sent a wrong command.

[05/17/23 09:50:52] MyLib 2a0877df-f6a5-4edb-ab97-13df1d7e6b3c b5f56c6c81c1267b046cb72c53dd5a09f725fcbd
[event 1] create/update, test.txt 
[event 2] create/update, test.txt 
[event 3] create/update, test.txt 
[event 4] create/update, test.txt
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Hello, is this the case for all types of files? When the file is downloaded repeated, can ‘free up space’ be successful again?