Windows client - Pause/Resume Sync Library Halfway?

Setup: Ubuntu server, Windows client.
Action: Syncing a library with many files, some 30-50GB for the first time.

Problem: Still trying to figure out why, but halfway through the connection to the server is lost. I have to disconnect/reconnect wifi on my Ubuntu server every time this happens and then it works without restarting seafile or seahub at all.

Anyway I would expect that when the client resumes connection to the server, it would pick up from where it left off. Instead it seems to disregard the 10s of GBs it has already downloaded and start from 0 again.

Is this by design?

I doubt it starts from zero unless you have a single large file. Most probably part of your files are already visible online and are not part of the upload progress anymore.

Also it normally does not pause at any point.

Looks like you’re right - it seems to have downloaded the smaller files and restart only the big ones.

However with all files being split up into chunks - shouldn’t the larger files that were half downloaded not start from 0 again if the sync gets interrupted?