Windows Server Update?

Will in the next time again a server update for Windows Server?


This is an issue I also would be pretty interested in - can you somehow estimate when a new windows server update will become released?




More than a year ago the last update on Windows. Any chance we see soon an update coming?

If I remember correctly they are updating the Windows Server when they have time, no “time window” they just do it when they have time left to do it as I did understand it.

That’s why I did move to Ubuntu so I could be a part of the *nix versions, it’s really simple just create a VM in Hyper-V (under Windows) and it’ll run fine.

I’ve just found Seafile but now a little worried that it’s a dead product on Windows Server. This topic is nearly a year old and if the release notes for the Linux match the Windows version 6.0.7, that version was released December 2016, getting on for two years ago. I guess I could fire up a Linux VM on Windows. I’ve got 6.0.7 working but there have obviously been a lot of fixes since :frowning:

Told you. :slight_smile:

And that helps me exactly how??

Well I tried to tell you that Seafile Server for Windows was dropped and will not be supported further. Maybe it receives some more updates but it will be dropped midterm to what we were told in the forum.

This should help you to switch to the Linux versions since the docker based version isn’t really stable yet. The Linux version just runs fine. :slight_smile:

Where does is say that Windows Server is dropped? Nothing on the website and can’t find a post here? We’re a Windows house and no have wish or specific skills to implement Linux.

Found it…

I really think they should update the website to say it’s dropped. Or even remove it from the website. One way to annoy people is for them to spend time deploying it to find it’s not supported…

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Why delete? Yes, the version of seafile for windows is obsolete compared to the version for linux, but that does not mean that it can not be used. Its main task of synchronizing files it performs perfectly.