Windows version upgrade coming soon?

As the windows version is now many versions behind the Linux version: Any chance we see the Windows version soon updated?

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Do not take it bad, but you should use a linux machine dedicated to seafile to have the latest versions, Seafile does not require much resources, and it is very simple to configure a seafile server on Linux. I do not think for the developers of seafile on windows is a priority. When you see the stability of seafile on Linux I understand them

I know I know… Linux is the answer. Just accept that sometimes it has good reasons to stay with Windows. And the Windows version is as well super stable - I’m running it since the very first versions. And yes, configuring it with IIS and getting https to work takes some “learnings” - but it’s your choice if you want to do so :wink:

By the way, I moved from Owncloud to Seafile when Owncloud gave up their windows support.

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