Working Docker Image for Arm64?



I have searched through the Seafile containers on Docker. There does not appear to be any working image for Arm64. There also seems to be one from “Seafile LTD”, but it does not look official. That is, because there are no instructions or details about running it as a container image.

Does anyone know if a working ARM64 image exists?


There is not even offical arm64 support, neither are there arm64 releases.


Hi there,

We run a seafile server on a rock64 sbc (ARM64). Being a huge fan of Docker, I have set up several dockerfiles/images to

  1. Compile and build seafile
  2. Run the self-compiled seafile server w/ seahub
  3. Run an nginx reverse proxy
  4. Run a MySQL instance

If you’re interested, I can provide you with the steps needed. It runs like a charm since more than 2 years.
Other than that, I don’t know of any similar projects, nor is there official support.