Working with Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop/Indesign

We are about to get our agency up and running with SeaDrive to allow our design studio to work off our server.

I like how MSOffice files lock and open as read only files when a user tries to open a file that another user already has open. I am worried about the Adobe suite though that doesn’t lock the file and allows multiple users to open and save the files. Is there a way to automatically lock all files when they are opened to prevent conflict files. We know about manually locking files but in a large agency relying on people to lock and unlock files doesn’t seem practical.

Is there a setting or config file we can change to accomplish automatic file locking similar to MSOffice for Adobe files?

Thanks in advance.

This is sadly a very common issue that occurs AFAIK with all synchronisation based cloud storage systems. I would imagine Adobe’s own cloud storage solution suffers the same. File locking was a fundamental part of traditional LAN based file systems and it’s very disappointing that this key feature was/is overlooked by cloud storage solutions. With high-speed internet access, direct access to a storage system should be possible. If this is important to you, you’ll have to look at exposing a traditional file share over VPN or put up with file clashes.

Love to be told I’m wrong as this is a problem for my client as well in the graphics teams…

Thanks for the reply Rob.
Besides file locking did you come up with a work around for your clients?

Nope, they just have to live with clashes.

We’re running an agency of 14 People on SeaDrive and run in to this issue almost never. But I guess it depends on your team structure and how likely it is, that two people want to work on one file at the same time…