Wrong data structure after synchronization

My Seafile client just annuled many changes that I did to my data structure. Is there a way to restore my previous, changed data structure on Win10, i.e. undoing the synchronization?

Thanks a lot for your help!

The causes of my problem in detail:

First of all, I have to confess that the Seafile client on my company’s computer is not as good working as the one on my private computer: While my private client is applying immediately all changes made, the one on my company’s computer is not continously synchronizing. So I have do it manually after some time if changes have not been noticed and applied to the library. This “manually synchronizing” causes very often omitted files. So I would use the “new synchronization” option once in a while which is exactly what might have caused my problem.

After applying on my company’s computer multiple changes to the data structure (moving files, deleting some and renaming many) I synchronized newly. In the meantime there were no changes made on my private computer parallely! This synchronization led to Seafile creating many file duplicates (a combination of both the renamed (new) files and the old files in old directories). For some odd reason it also has preferred the old file names and by this reseting my changes.