Ability to share files with users of other servers

Users of a Seafile server should be able to share files or folders with users of other servers much like the owncloud/nextcloud federation:

By now I have many Seafile servers around me and it just doesn’t make sense to have dozens of accounts just to collaborate with people in other companies. Another grievance regarding this, is the distinction between upload- and download-links (see here).

There’s also a Github issue on this.


I’d like to bump this request a little. It’s been some time but the need is still there as the number of Seafile installs grows, more and more people would love to use only one account.

Using the new ActivityPub standard would probably be the best way to go (which others doing federation are already doing).


Any News on this? We also would love to have any Federation Function as Nextcloud has.
But without Bugs :smiley:


Any new Status ?

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ahm - any News?

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Federation would be very important…

OwnCloud has it: https://owncloud.org/features/federation/
Nextcloud has it: https://nextcloud.com/federation/

Anyway: Thx for Seafile!