Add S3 custom base+bucket option & make available to CE

There are many services out there that emulate S3 storage. Those S3 storage prices are also quiet cheap to buy, hence it is very interesting to have S3 available to the CE version of Seafile.

With the S3 implementation to Seafile it is not possible to use those services, since it is hardcoded to use AWS regions.
Please make S3 connection data customizable. Example for options that should be available:

$ cat .s3cfg
access_key = REPLACE ME
secret_key = REPLACE ME
host_base =
host_bucket = %(bucket)
use_https = True
check_ssl_certificate = True
check_ssl_hostname = False

Please consider adding block storage support to the CE version. The free 3 user Pro Version cannot be used if one uses Seafile for family and friends with 20+ users purely for sharing files and does not require any other Pro feature. Also we provide considerable data to those technologies that help you guys to debug and improve Seafile furthermore.

Making ceph available to the CE version is also interesting.

If you have further questions please ask. :slight_smile:



Would be great to have support for S3 compatible storage (minio in my case) in the CE, indeed.
Actually this is the only reason why I use the pro version.


@daniel.pan No comment in this for weeks?

@daniel.pan What do you think about this? The community will provide more feedback to make S3 and CEPH storage backend better.

I’m sorry we don’t have a plan to add this feature to CE yet.

Please reconsider to offer any storage backend to the CE edition also. Cluster is not required, it’s just about a stable and reliable storage backend.

This would generate even more users working with S3, Ceph etc., providing even more feedback on that.


I’m giving a +1 for this. S3 makes us safer without many troubles

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It is available in Seafile Professional Edition.

You read the topic ya? :wink:

Yes, but the answer reads like its a business. Someone using S3 can also buy a license.

No, I’m a home user. I use a VPS for seafile CE, and combining with S3 would be nice.

There are not so expensive S3-like alternatives.

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I guess that we still have to wait for S3 to CE.

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Same request: integrate S3 to CE.
I’m individual with 4 persons in my family. I won’t pay $100/yr for this feature because in this case a NAS would be less expensive… FYI, Scaleway offers 75GB S3 storage for free.
I was thinking using Seafile CE + s3fs and mount the S3 bucket as a local drive.
Or I was tempted to not use Seafile at all and use Cyberduck + S3 instead
That suck because I like Seafile solution

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Yep. need s3 for CE, easy to use cheap s3 storages, instead home nas

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I’m also upvoting this feature.

Seafile PE can be used for 0$ with up to three users.
If you need more than 3 users, Seafile charges a mere 100$ p.a. for up to 9 users, roughly the equivalent of a nice dinner with your partner/friend. I think that is more than a fair price for what the Seafile devs give you.
If you need more than 9 users, then you you are definitely in the pro department and I would definitely recommend to use PE. GDPR compliance, just to name one reason.

For me, this is not about price. I don’t want to put the pro version on my server because it is closed source. I only have two users so I could use the pro version for free. Maybe the situation is different for other people.


That would be great to use CEPH as backend in the CE Edition …

Well, if you put dinners for all elements of the home solution (VPS’es for mail, cloud, storage, web hosting, vpn, firewall, or anything else used by home pros) then you’re gonna end up with one hefty business like bill. Also, the S3 is not an indicator for the business like activity. With today’s cloud prices it is in the same league with LDAP/AD plugin. I actually see more people using cloud features at home than AD.
I was ready to switch from NC, but having 4 family members and need for S3fs storage I guess I have no choice but to stick with it.

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You + 4 family members < 9 people! Go for the Seafile PE license for as little as 99$. I am sure you can foot that bill.